Technology for Students

The District does its best to place limits, restrictions and alerts on the computer to monitor students when they are online and using District equipment. However, while we may monitor this system from time to time for potential points of intervention with students, we are not routinely monitoring their online activity or the potential risks that may arise from their online activity. It is important that parents carefully monitor their child’s use of Chromebooks and access to the Internet at all times, and the District assumes no liability or other responsibility arising from or related to their use of Chromebooks or their use of the Internet.

One-to-One Chromebook Program (Bay High)

How should you use your school email?

Student hands holding up internet devices.


Collaborate: Students may send email to other students to collaborate on group projects and assist with school assignments.

Subscribe: Students may use their email accounts to sign-up for accounts on educational websites for which the Bay Village Schools hold a subscription or which are otherwise free to students.

Communicate: Students may send email to their teachers with questions or comments regarding class, or to turn in an assignment, IF the teacher uses this as an acceptable method of classroom communication. (Bear in mind, there will be no expectation for staff to answer student email outside of the regular work day. For example, an unanswered email to a teacher will not excuse a student from turning in an assignment.)

Teachers may, if they choose, send email to their students to communicate reminders, course content, pose questions related to class work, and other class related items.

Check your  email at least once per day (on your own device or a district-owned device.)

Use your email responsibly!

  • Email is to be used for school-related purposes only.

  • Do not send harassing email messages or content.

  • Do not send offensive email messages or content.

  • Do not send spam email messages or content.

  • Do not send email containing a virus or other malicious content.

  • Do not send or read email at inappropriate times, such as during class instruction.

  • Do not send email to share test answers or promote cheating in any way.

  • Do not use the account of another person.

THINK before posting/sending/texting. Is it True; is it Helpful; is it Inspiring;
is it Nice, is it Kind?


The student Acceptable Use Policy and the Code of Conduct (located in the Bay High Student Handbook and the Bay Middle School Student Handbook) cover appropriate email, as well as other technologies.

Email can be a powerful communication tool for students to increase communication and collaboration, but it must be used responsibly.

The following email disclaimer will be automatically placed at the end of your school emails:

"This email account is only to be used by students in the Bay Village City School District for educational purposes. All BVCSD Internet Use Policies are to be followed. Improper use may result in the suspension of this Google account. Please report any improper use to an administrator."

NOTE: All school emails are archived and retrievable for two years, even after the email may have been deleted by the student from their account.

Consequences of misuse of email Use of the computer network and Internet is an integral part of research and class work, but abuse of this technology can result in loss of privileges. Students who use the computer network or the Internet inappropriately may lose their access privileges and may face additional disciplinary or legal action. The length of time for loss of privileges will be determined by building administrators and/or other staff members.

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