Week 3 Distance Learning

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Dear Parents/Guardians --

With this week's announcement from Governor Mike DeWine, we have the certainty that school buildings will remain closed through Friday, May 1.

We in the Bay Village Schools cannot thank parents/guardians enough for the dedication you've shown to your children's education. We understand this is not easy. Many parents are working from home while keeping student learning on track. Others are using child care while they perform essential services for our wider community. In this next phase of online learning, our goal is to focus on key learning outcomes so that students are ready for next year's lessons and classes. We hope to provide a consistent structure that helps students work as independently as possible, and one that helps parents in their supervision of learning.


Phase Two of our eLearning plan will be based on providing lessons/activities that will focus on new learning for the last 6 weeks of the fourth quarter. Phase Two will be broken into two, three-week plans:

Plan one: April 20 to May 8
Plan two: May 11 to May 29

We recognize that learning online presents unique challenges and is a new experience for both students and teachers. Therefore, grades will take the form of more targeted, formative feedback -- actionable feedback that helps students see their next step in working toward mastery of the identified knowledge or skill. 

As was mentioned in my last update, we are encouraging teachers to approach online learning with methods that have proved successful using the online learning mediums and methodologies:

Use the 5 Es Model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. Teachers, of course, use these methods regularly in the classroom. We are presenting this model as a structure for high-quality online learning as it is 1) used and recommended by experts in the online learning field, and 2) identifies a range of online learning tools and technology suitable for each of the strategies.

Grade for Mastery and Targeted, Formative Feedback. In acknowledging the differences between in-person and online teaching and learning, we are adapting how we measure achievement. We will also be using feedback to help students move their learning forward.  Here is a resource you and your student can use to help them see where they are in their own learning: https://bit.ly/3tierRubric

Teachers teaching grades K-4 will focus on essential learning outcomes, and students will be given feedback that will help them work toward mastery of those outcomes rather than individual grades on assignments. This feedback is meant to be an integral part of the learning process. Feedback may take many forms, all of it is meant to help students move their learning forward. Each three-week period will focus on new standards and/or extending learning around previously learned standards. At the end of each three-week period, homeroom teachers will provide a Learning Summary in PowerSchool, a brief snapshot of student progress over the previous three weeks. Directions will be shared with you on how to see these Learning Summaries. The Standard Grade that is reflected in your child's PowerSchool Parent Portal only reflects progress on standards that were included in instruction up through March 12, and as a result, may not include all of the learning standards for that class. 

Teachers teaching grades 5-12 will be providing assignments that focus on the essential learning outcomes of their class. The assignments will count toward final course or semester grade credit. Again, grades will take the form of more targeted feedback to help students move their learning forward. Teachers will post assignments as Complete or Incomplete in PowerSchool at least once per week.The expectation is that all work assigned is essential and of equal value. Teachers will post a letter grade of A,B,C, Pass or Incomplete for Quarter 4 based on Percentage of Assignment Completion. No final exams will be given. The Semester 2 grade will be based on the Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 grades. All students will receive the appropriate grade bump for AP, CCP or Honors level courses at the High School Level. More information can be found here: bit.ly/GradingGuidance

In summary:

  • The eLearning from this point forward is NEW material, knowledge and skills that have not yet been covered.

  • Teachers continue to identify essential learning outcomes that are grounded in Ohio learning standards to help keep students on track for success when we begin the next academic year.

  • While Grade 5-12 final grades will no longer include a state test or final exam, completion of assignments will continue to impact the final grade.

  • Special Services continue so that all students can receive a free and appropriate public education even when we are limited by social distancing requirements. Learn more about those accommodations here.

I want to sincerely thank our Bay Teachers Association and BSGITA (small group instructors) leadership for their dedication to our students and to their profession. We have worked through this new process in relatively short period of time, and I could not be more confident that what we have planned will create a truly valuable educational experience for our children.

I'd also like to thank our OAPSE classified staff members for using this time to increase their skill levels through professional development. Finally, my sincere thanks to our Bay Village Board of Education members who have supported us throughout this shift that has affected every aspect of our organization.

The Bay Village Police Department also asks that we share with parents the following reminders:

  • City parks are open for enjoyment, but please follow social distancing rules.

  • No organized games which brings people into close contact are permitted.

  • Playgrounds, basketball courts AND the skatepark are closed.

  • The Bay High stadium is closed for public use.

  • Residents to get out an exercise while practicing social distance.

  • More details can be found on the State of Ohio COVID-19 resource page.

Please continue to check our Frequently Asked Questions page for general answers to questions. 

I look forward to seeing the creative teaching and learning going on in our district -- check out some featured highlights each week in our publication This Week in eLearning!

We are in this together -- ONE ROCKET NATION!!!

Superintendent Jodie Hausmann





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